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    Sep 26, 2012
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Time and again I wanted to write something of worth...

But I could not get it done unless the Lord assures me of the guidance that I've sought

For years I have written and composed

Poems of inspiration...out of love and passion of the topic that I chose.

The thoughts maybe varied and sometimes hard to comprehend

But as I finish each one then I have come to understand

That barely I am just a human instrument

I have to use it...a gift from God-so Holy and Omnipotent

Sometimes, I feel unable to begin

It's but a natural thing I'd say

It's when I ask of HIm in solitude

That words come flowing in a wondrous way

It's real, I'd feel so deeply loved...given much care

I am so blessed, yet so unmindful...unaware

It is a calling from on high, so special and so rare

For God knows who I am, what I have done and how much I can bear

Now, I know I am able...I have the gift to use

I can do it without ensnare

I'll do what He would have me do

To show I love HIm beyond compare.


In these trying times, it is pointless not to be able to identify the things we need to accomplish in life. Our priorities are needed to be set straight and laid on the table. What was once unattainable suddenly becomes realistic and we never really could tell what lies ahead of us. The only thing that keeps us away from attaining and being able to act is the starting point. Now is the right time to do what we can do. Do not proscrastinate on the more important aspects of being alive. Use the air we breathe to live and waste no time standing at a spot. Be brave and be counted. Use your talents to create something out of nothing. Tomorrow may be too late. Learn from the mistakes of others not yours. Remember that you have the power to make a big difference by starting small and ending up BIG.

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