The Morning After Rain

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    Sep 23, 2012
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It`s hazy before the rain starts while I am listening to music; I am silent and restless at the same time and my life is here, in front of me. Whether to grab it or to surrender to a peaceful and slow heartbeat, to the petals of silence? Shall I let a plumb into endless depths of myself, or be plainly relaxed, like a plebian, believing that the future does not depend on me alone?

Doubt is the beginning of literature, and literature is linguistic and materialized deliberation of life. After long, steamy, stifling, hot summer days, nothing feels so good, nothing is so unusual and refreshing as the morning after rain. The air is purified and we have the impression that everything that surrounds us is clean and breaths freshness. And we feel purer, freer, and more vivacious. Whether we want to admit it or not, weather affects our moods.

On mornings after rain, even our imperfections seem less evident and less noticeable We recognize ourselves in our thoughts, in our plans that we held deep inside us. Morning is the best part of the day, when we are in touch with our inner beings, when we reveal ourselves and when we look at the reflections of our own thoughts and emotions, when our self-confidence grows and when our awakened and revived spirits go to search for solutions and answers to the questions and troubles that were torturing us recently. The fact that we are sometimes quiet, alone and that we don`t like ourselves very much, that dissatisfaction with ourselves simply goes away, it falls out from our consciousness like mud from shoes, disappearing in the corners of our souls, and it will appear again when we allow ourselves the self-destructing luxury to do something beyond our abilities.

The morning after rain teaches us the importance of reasonable self-expectations in the real world, it shows us the middle path and we learn how to integrate the energy of our spiritual beings with the help of spiritual journeys and focusing towards infinity through free creation and art; the creation makes us happy and then we realize the divine sense of existence, we smile, knowing who we are, on the morning after rain.

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