Our Little Girl

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    Nov 10, 2012
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As we watch her lovely face, can't help but stare,

Soft rosy cheeks where tiny pinkish veins are seen...

Two dimples on both sides and an attractive chin.

A set of brown sparkling eyes,

brows that always catch someone's attention,

for they look pretty nice- a pair of perfect arc,

beauty of heavenly creation.

two medium lobes of ear and a not so pointed nose,

heart-shaped red lips, always ready with a kiss and a catching smile,

which haunts my thoughts while I'm away...once in a while. 

Her straight brown hair that looks so fair

I brush them with much care.

Skin so soft and pure as silk seems fairly white like milk-

A fact that she's aware.

I love to touch and feel those soft candle-shaped little fingers

And listen to the simple piano keys they play

as sweet music in the air stays and lingers.

She stands tall with her legs smooth and strong,

And dances gracefully for a favorite lively throng.

Eventhough she never can sing too well 

There are some other things she does best, I could tell

Just like me...She's fond of writing poems and songs

and loves to recite them all no matter how very long.

Portia Sophia is her name...

We are very proud to say she's ours without any shame.

She is a gift to us from up above,

That is why we try to shower her with much love.

This little girl we will always treasure

She gives us joy and happiness beyond measure

She helps us keep our bond stay strong

To lead our life together and make it even better.

She is our hope and everything...

We enjoy every minute,

to us her existence brings.

Having a child of your own is something a husband and a wife always look forward to after marriage. It is a living bond and a testimonial proof of each other's endearing love to one another. The joy and excitement that come hearing the child's first cry at birth is unexplainable. But it is something to cherish your whole life through. Being a parent to a child requires more of devotion, commitment, sacrifice and every bit of kindness in hope to raise him or her well. 

My husband and I are both grateful to our Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity to experience such a wonderful thing on earth and be able to prove Him that we are worthy of the call.  

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