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We're sure you may have some questions about how works and hopefully this page will answer many of those questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can contact us here.

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    Author FAQ
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    I don't have a web site, can you help me get one?

    Yes we can! We have partnered with a wonderful web hosting company to give you the opportunity to get your own personal web site for virtually nothing and you can get started right away. Just create your author account and then visit our tutorial on how to startup your own web site.

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    How will writing articles help drive traffic to my web site or make me money?

    By writing and submitting articles to, you are accessing a huge network of web site publisher who are going to take your article and publish it on their sites. Because they are required to leave your links up in the article, you will get dozens (or even hundreds) of links to your web site. Search Engines look at these links to determine how high your web site ranks and the more links you have, the higher you will rank.

    Once you get more traffic to your web site you can include some ads and start making money. If you don't have a web site, once you become a member and login you will have access to a great tutorial on how to startup your own web site for virtually nothing!

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    How do I submit an article?

    To submit an article, you need to go to our Publish An Article page. We highly recommend reading our Editorial Guidelines before submitting your first article.

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    How long does it take for an article I submit to be approved?

    We try to get all articles reviewed within 5 days of being submitted.

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    Can I have 2 different author names under one account?

    No, currently we do not allow you to use 2 different author names under one account. We do plan on adding this in the future though. You may signup for more than one account if you'd prefer to use different author names.

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    What is the 'Promotional Content' box I fill out suppose to be about?

    This is something you write up that will appear below your article and is a great place to talk about yourself, your company, your credentials or anything relevant. Most importantly, this is where you place your link to your web site to help bring more visitors to your web site.

    Publisher FAQ
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    Am I really allowed to take any article from your site and post it on my web site?

    Yes! As long as you follow our Publisher Guidelines you can post up to 30 articles on every domain you own! This is an amazing way to get some free content to help attract more visitors to your web site.

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    How can I get a web site so that I can publish your articles on it?

    If you don't currently have a web site and want to learn how to create one, just create your author account and then visit our tutorial on how to startup your own web site.

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