In the Glade

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    Sep 23, 2012
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In the glade goats are dancing under a heavy, dreary sky which is appearing over the universe as a threat, doubt and reminder. The time of big events has existed for many millenniums. In the glade of your soul a plant is sprouting, a tiny, fragile, invisible to the naked eye, young and innocent, pure and bright. You aren’t aware of its presence, but it is here, you have to open your spiritual eyes because the time for big events in your life has come.

Find your glade among people where you will feel, see goats dancing like in the oracle at Delphi, you will discover a new, unique world, you will discover a blissful moment of cognition, the need to create something on your own, the need to find the highest spot in the sky towards which a little plant from your glade should grow with the help of yearning for endless joy. Love and self-respect will resurrect and everything will turn for the better, just find the glade and walk towards happiness with wind.

Wind is a quiet and loving companion. It is a kind of friend that comes into our lives when we look for a companion because of our loneliness; when we want to notice it and to impose our unspoken desire for conversation, confession, moaning, praise, or something else. Wind is a fellow tribesman whom we don`t mention, we experience him intimately and lay claim to him selfishly. Wind is a gift from heaven for lonely people who want tenderness but they are not finding it in people. It`s a movement, a cosmic energy, and even when it is followed by the storm, it rouses the spirit of creation among people who recognize it and surrender to it, ready to elevate spiritually from everyday life which wants to crush their brains.

We are stepping into the world with equalized steps towards the end of the old life and the beginning of the new one which sublime meaning with gusts of wind, a quiet and loving companion and a friend, we can only predict while we are questioning our existence and the world around us.

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