Families Can Be Together Forever in Unity

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    Sep 06, 2012
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When a man and a woman take a vow to unite together under the holy matrimony, they commit themselves to love and to cherish each other through time for many, and till eternity for some. This aspect depends on their religious inclination and how and where they took the marriage vows together. For most Christians who believe that their marriage would only last until the very last breath of either one, it is not unusual but a customary tradition except for some who believes that families can be together forever even after death. And taking that essential topic aside, there can be numerous things to consider in aspiring to have such an ideal family unit for time. The working relationship of a family depends mainly on the parents' ability to stay on track of every member's needs. Children, in particular are the shock absorbers of what they see exist and happen in their respective household.

Love, communication, understanding, loyalty, respect, obedience and faith with fear in God Almighty are but some of the basic qualities that each of the family members especially the couple should have to attain an eternal family together. These virtues should be in constancy otherwise no success can be achieved and separation between husbands and wives inevitable, with children suffering the most bad effects.

How the father is able to provide for his family's every needs with continuous counsel from time to time during family quality times spent in the home, plays a primary role in the making. The mother being the light of this basic unit of our society comes handy with her ever sought-after special touch of love felt in the things that she does in and out of the house for the good of everyone. Her inspiration and interests in all the children's school extra-curricular needs, projects and concerns form part in her special role as support and helpmate to the Head of the Family.

Children do have the same vital role to play in the success of the unit as a whole. There can never be such a happy place like home without them (But there are couples with no kid at all, and see how hard life seem for these unfortunate ones). Though these kids need to be taken cared of, nurtured, loved, educated, well provided for, taught the gospel and be trained in the proper way they should go when they grow up, they need to reciprocate the gestures by being good, obedient and loving people as well.

The means by which parents can keep the family tie close among its members does not solely depend on the stability of the family's financial status but more on how they make every cent useful and profitable to their advantage. I do not believe in separation as long as there can be a workable solution. Money is not everything. It is just something we can use to improve our way of life. Let us be agents ourselves who can act and not like objects to be acted upon. Life is meaningful and families are the most awesome group among God's creations.

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