Human Struggle

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    Oct 06, 2012
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Beyond the pains and sorrows that we have

The bitter failures we can add

And sum them up we now can wind

It really takes some steps far from behind

To reap success or get a great reward

We have to pass a long but narrow path

Without in mind that in the end we will be blessed a lot.

Then suddenly a time to recollect our thoughts

Back to the very start

There is but one best feeling at a touch

The joyous echo from the beating of the heart

So, the only thing of blindness that we suffer from

Reveals the truest deeds of love for work to carry on

Thus, we believe that we are worth of what we've known and won

And afterwards, we've learned to understand

What precious gifts we'll have on hand

If only we could see among the fellows whom we meet

Those wondrous eyes able to see beneath

Like facing water in a clear anointed pond

'Thou we may still run out of breath

In case our faith gets wet.

Right now the story goes so slow

Relating things and instances that even wind may blow

Away from doubts...from agony...

To stay with greatest fear in a dark room

Non-other than the world itself without a mouth

To speak and let the truths come out

Which the human sight can't do without!


Sometimes we need to face our fears and try to overcome them. They only stop us from doing the right thing. What we think is what we appear the most to others, and how we act becomes who we are. There is no boundary set for our progression as long as we do not stop seeking, searching and improving ourselves in whatever field we'd like to take. Being constant with learning and developing one's skills without losing one's identity and values in the process is important to attain success. Failures become elemental keys and serve as stepping stones to greater heights.    

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