What Life Is All About

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    Oct 07, 2012
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In years and looks we age through time

It is but part of life's process

For lines show like grime

On foreheads and eyecorners of our faces

Yet these are inevitable with time

 They reveal things of one's life lived sublime

Often they serve as masks with varied meanings

Sometimes giving us the freedom to fly with hidden wings

Yes, we age...grow old...and finally retire

Looking forward to meet our creator when we die

But for sure we won't be feeling sad and sorry

If through it all we've been good along the journey

Cherish happy moments shared with family and friends

And never regret having failures that made us strong in the end

For once we have traveled this way all along

With courage...with faith...with assurance that we belonged

That is the spirit and real essence of life

To be born...to grow...be cared for...and at times be stricken by strife

For the real satisfaction that we'd finally get

Is to be considered a wanderer who had worthily lived

Whom others may never learn to forget.


When we see our parents reach their mid-senior years in sickness, it seems that every effort to make them smile is futile...feels very useless. To think that they have reached a certain age and have struggled to give us all we need to become better persons than them is painful. The short period of time spent with a mother at home, when she was busy making every effort to finance her children's college education due to poverty, is unusual but commendable. My mother is no different from "working moms" - she had to go out to make a living to cover the incapacities of my father. I love and honor my mom so much. She is an epitome of courage, patience and determination to survive, turning the situation in her advantage for the sake of her children.

I  lost an ever dear best friend, counselor, tutor and mentor when she died, more than five years ago, but I still feel her love and companionship in my sleep, especially at troubled times.        

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