Who Am I?

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    Sep 26, 2012
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Who am I to whom you speak of your delight?

With whom you spend long walks at nights.

Who calls for you when dusk is near...

and makes your heart and soul from doubts be cleared.


Who am I to whom your love had shown?

To whom the sweetness of a kiss had flown.

Who cries when someoneelse holds your hand...

and asks our Lord to help me understand.


Who am I to whom you've sent some roses?

With whom you've shared your aces.

Who sings a song to send you warm embrace...

and makes you feel a mellow touch of grace.


Now, who am I to whom you've taught a lesson?

With whom you've answered too many a question.

To whom you had been an inspiration...

But now, considers you a part of an imagination.


Really...who am I?


People in love are people who sometimes make impossible things become possible. They meet, know each other, fall in love, get acquainted, find excitement, miss each other, get bored, leave and forget everything in the process. There is no guarrantee that it would last long. No one could ever tell that it would be for keeps. But the most important part of falling in love is knowing who you really are to the one you love. What you have felt is something ouf of the ordinary routinary life you've lived. It is being involved with another person. The relationship you both have created and got involved in, brings out the softer spots in you and later teaches you to be more humane. It sinks deep within. Leaving becomes painful. But at the end of the day, you'd realize that there was a part of you permitting to let go and another part being sentimental just for a time, It's but natural. 

Loving and being loved in return works wonders. It makes the world we live in to go round. So, never be afraid to fall in love the second time around. It maybe the one just waiting for you. And let go off your past, it only forms part of a wonderful experience...

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