Making Peace With One's Imperfections

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    Sep 19, 2012
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When we were born, we were endowed with God-given gifts beyond our physical looks. We maybe likened to an ugly-duckling as other people say and yet be as smart and witty at school garnering various awards during competitions. The thing is, a person may look not so attractive to some and still stand out among a larger group for other attributes. 

As relatively in a great or vast majority, many of us, let us be honest to admit, are most likely to desire a perfect body and an attractive face. This obsession may cause us huge amount to cover the expenses for procedures that maybe done for possible transformation. Fear of inacceptance to someone endeared or a group, sometimes play a great deal to a physical maneuver like aesthetic operational procedure. 

What the person fails to realize is his or her strong side that many of us are most likely  to consider. If one will only try to make the best of what he or she has, then happiness is possible. A contented view at life despite the oddities and a full, honest acceptance of facts are but reality checks everyone has to admit. No one can be considered inattractive without looking into the greater and wider perspective. Chances are, having finished higher education and being a well-mannered individual with guts, wits, strong determination, ambition, intellect and the power to succeed may put somebody way ahead a pretty-faced and sexy one who just had interests in enhancing her looks without improving in any other aspect of life.

Real satisfaction comes to us not in having a perfect look but more in being somebody someday in many ways. Happiness is what we make of our lives, more of ourselves. When we are able to deal with what we have and be able to manage the things we have, even our physical imperfections, then we can achieve the highest level of this real satisfaction in life. 

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