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    Sep 23, 2012
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There are some times in everyones life when someone beloved to him says "you are not like me, stay away from me, I dont like you, coz you are so different", "you have changed a lot"... and so on... And the listener gets deeply hurt most of the times...This writing is for such persons.

Ask yourselves, have you ever found a person 100% similar to you in terms of behavior, choices, thinking, thoughts and feelings? You yourself are a distinct personality in yourself. It really doesn`t matter what others think about you, its important what you think about yourself. Others WILL say, that you are wrong, you are boring, you are idiot, you are worth bullying, but its up to you, whether to accept it or not. When your inner voice of heart will become louder than the voices of the outer world, that day you will conquer your whole life.

You must have heard a saying many times, "Nothing is impossible", and I bet most of the time you took it for granted....never thought of it, never worked of it, isn`t it? Trace out, search within you, what`s the thing which makes you different from others? Whats your specialty? What`s your skills? Whats your prowess? Take your own time and think on it, when you will get your most profound and correct answer, start working on it.

If you think that you are interested more in singing, start it now! Don`t wait! Dont think that people will laugh at you, that you cannot please others with your voice (but its good if you do)...You are not meant to be compulsorily singer or a musician...Singing can be just an interest.. Its not important to perfect in each and every thing....If you think you are good with using an internet, well then, hangout your own website! Just be happy and do what you love to be successful in your life... Bye!

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