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    Sep 04, 2012
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Have you ever feel so depressed or even sad that you feel like you want to disappear from out of sight and everyone around you. Well the passion of writing what you are feeling helps you to overcome those feelings help you to coke with whats going on around your life whether your going to highs school, college or even work. Writing helps a lot, you are able to take out your anger by creating a masterpiece that will flourish into something worth reading by someone else.
I have felt so much pain growing up and with a piece of paper and a pen I am able to create wonderful poetry some might not be happy thoughts but I allow my self to express my feelings in such a way that people will understand and can know what am going through by reading simple words that i have put together.

Here is something, I do hope you enjoy it

Behind your eyes

Behind those mystique eyes,
I only wish you could see,
What lies before you,
This lady,
This woman,
That wants you as her own,
One who loves you,
She don't want to be alone,

Behind those gentle eyes,
Your not as rough as you seem,
Was it love at first sight,
Oh who could believe,
That this man,
This guy,
Was the reason,
That I love life,

Behind my beautiful eyes,
This is the reason,
No one ask why,
When I see you,
The world gravitates,
As we float in the sky,
I know there is only you and I,
As we take life together,
by each others side.

Poetically by Heart
Some people are gifted to build cars,
Others are gifted to tear it apart,
Many of us can sing,
But only few have the voice that comes from deep within,

I never thought that I could write,
But one day I did and it sounded alright,
That what I hear people say at least,
Even my teacher said I was good at it,

Then I began to challenge my self,
When I write there was something I felt,
Its makes feel me wonderful inside,
I was finally awake inside my mind,

I write based on what I have been through,
The tough life gives us a lot to express too,
When the pen touch the paper; it is magic,
Truly I can never get enough of it.

You can do that too if you have ever been in this same situations too. I really don't know if this is what you would called an article but I hope you will be interested in reading it anyway.

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