Why we are demolishing our cultural, ethical, traditional, nurtures values.

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    Sep 04, 2012
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“Those Nations are destroy earlier who forget own history and cultural values”
Its saying is very clean as mirror in which we can see our faces because we are also almost forget these values. We are demolishing our values day by day. Our parents and family members is extremely responsible this demoralization.
People use discourteous and swear words in common conversation and show that we are very optimistic personality. Child adopt the nurture from the own family or parents and now a days parents have no time for the child nurture  but they have a lot of time to spend in the shopping malls, restaurant ,watching TV etc.
In the some years ago parent do the care of the child nurture just like abstain from tell a lie, don’t stare at elders when they scold you, say sorry immediately, don’t tease to any other person, don’t conspire against anyone,  don’t make spy on and grass on anyone, don’t make fun of anyone, Do sympathy to anyone, Become a extrovert, don’t become impassive, stand by anyone, don’t play gamble; its taboo, don’t blame to others, don’t feel inferiority and superiority complex, both are dangerous, don’t make a cock and bull story, don’t eaves drop  on any one, don’t  instigate, don’t provoke ,speak confidently and in courteous manner ,don’t built the stumbling block to others.
These converse is support the child nurture while now a days, teacher or anyone tell the right thing such as don’t throw rapper or packets anywhere; you should thrown in dustbin, child repeat this in front of parents and they show the angriness about that person and sometimes they furious, that thing child is adopt in the very childhood and react same in the adult.
Our elders was being arrangement for Namaz-jumma put on the iron dresses and recite the holy Quran the recite the khatam Durood sharif etc and in the special arrangement in Ramadan and eid-ul -fitar. They purchase the little thing for the relatives, friends, and teachers to give as a gift for the event of eid. They got up early in the morning and ladies was cooked the special food for eid such as sheer and etc.
And whole day all the members enjoy a lot and go to their family gathering and share the happiness. 
But it is very pity; we are changing this culture too. we wake at whole night in the moon night of eid and in the morning we feel very sleepy our gent go to masjid for namaz-e-eid  in the peeving mood and come back to home and sleep and ladies are also sleeping. After the namaz-e –zohar they wake up and make some plans. Why? We are demolishing our traditional values, why we are not celebrating our religious events while we are celebrating thee others days those are not our culture such as 14th Feb. (Valentines Day).what we known about the valentine day?
Our parent don’t tell the history of ISLAM even .WHY?
This is the very big mark of our faces why?
What we are doing? Where we going? Think about it!     

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