The fundaments of increasing our good fortune and wisdom

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    Sep 03, 2012
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The root to increase our good fortune is being dutiful to our parents; the root to wisdom is how we should show our respect towards our teacher. A person who is not filial to parents is the one with no good fortune at all. If he disrespects his teacher, this person would definitely gain no knowledge from the teacher. As you know, being dutiful to parents and respectful to teacher are the two main elements that are born innate within our true nature. In other words, the root to good fortune and wisdom is within our self-nature. Since our good fortune is intrinsic, how great would our good fortune and wisdom become? It would be extremely enormous and immeasurable. However, where have all our good fortune and wisdom gone to? If we ponder this question and reflect it seriously upon ourselves: are we really dutiful to parents and respect to teacher?

Being dutiful and respect are significant. If we show our respect and sincerity towards parents and teacher, we will get full benefits. These are actually sprung from our self-nature. With the perfection of these two elements, you are on the right path to Buddhahood. Who are the one who gain such benefits eventually? We are the one. This is the reason why we need to study both the sacred teachings and the Buddhist scriptures as well.        

In ancient times of China, the ancestors had the idea of “showing respects to the old and the wise; being dutiful to parents and respect the teacher." This notion has been passing on for many generations, at least 3,000 years in history. If we moved back to the olden times in China, thousands of years ago, we observed that the attainment of the sages were actually the foundation that their mothers had established for them.

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