How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

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    Sep 06, 2012
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We know that people in ancient China had some knowledge on Health Maintaining. To maintain good health, the best way is to live closely with nature. We know that the Earth rotates around the sun, and we experience four seasons annually in the temperate country like Australia. If we live according to the changes of these four seasons, then we will be healthy. This is Mother Nature of the Earth. If we stay in Australia, we should consume more local vegetables and fruits according to seasons. This is one of the ways we can maintain our health through diet.

Besides, we find that most of the time our mind keeps roaming about and our body relaxes too much. This is not a healthy lifestyle. There is some basic knowledge on how we can maintain psychological well-being. Being broadmindedness and virtuous actions can prolong our life. We need to chew our food slowly before we swallow to cut down the workload of our stomach and intestine. We must not chitchat during our meals and before bedtime. We must not overeat. Eat radishes during summer and ginger during winter, so we will not fall sick easily. A wholesome breakfast is recommended. Eat sufficiently for lunch and a little for dinner. Do not smoke and take any alcoholic drink. To prevent ourselves from ageing, we need to take care of our feet. To have a good sleep, our feet must be kept warm. Soak our feet in a basin of comfortably hot water for some time to improve blood circulation. This is better than taking any sleeping pill. From here, we realized that the Chinese had good ideas of health maintaining.

It is often said that happiness is the best remedy to sickness. To obtain happiness, we must make good use of our time to do good deeds and benefit others. The happiest man in the world is the one who likes to share his joy with others.

To tell you the truth, the cause of our sickness comes from the three poisons of greed, anger and ignorance. If we eliminate these cause bit by bit, I believe our health condition will improve each day. Finally, let me wish every one of you, be well, be happy and stay healthy. 

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