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    Sep 07, 2012
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Good concentration helps us to recuperate from illness speedily through the purity of our mind. When we prostrate to the Buddha’s image, our mind should be still and serene. To improve our health status, we should observe that our mind needs to be calm and purified at all times. In Buddhism, we are taught to set our mind at ease and our body in motion.

Most people think that doing physical exercises alone is the best way to keep fit. In actual fact, it is our mind that prevails. Regarding this, I would like to tell you a true story of a man by the name Lee Bock-Guan.

Although he owns a shipping company, I always see him in the Buddhist Lodge the whole morning and afternoon doing all the voluntarily work there. He told me that he was an athlete. He likes cycling, jogging and swimming as well. One day, he went to see a doctor as he was not feeling well and was diagnosed to have cancer. Doctor told him that his life only remained three months, and he accepted it without any fear or worry. Instead, he let go of everything and dedicated all his time and effort to serve the monasteries wholeheartedly during his remaining days. Wherever he is needed, he will be there and anyone who asked him for help will be promptly attended to. His mind was occupied on how to improve the system of the monasteries and never bother about his health problem. He refused to take any prescription at all. Three months have passed, and he went to his specialist doctor for further diagnosis. Surprisingly, his specialist doctor told him that all his cancerous cells had gone.

Regarding this, Venerable Master Chin Kung told us that most people were scared to death if they were diagnosed to have cancer. In actual fact, cancer is nothing to be afraid of if every cancer patient willing to follow the example of Lee Bock-Guan. With a thought of helping others, he was blessed with speedy recovery.

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