What Are The Three Types of Sickness (Part 1)

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    Sep 06, 2012
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The problem of sickness comes to everyone, whether we are young or old. It has also become part of the reason why the Buddha left home and became a monk and searched for the solution to these problems.

Our body is comparable to a machine that needs to be taken care of when using it. When the machine is well maintained, it can run up two hundred years or so. Consequently, it is normal for us to live up to two hundred years. However, why can’t we reach the age of two hundred? It is because we do not take good care of our body. Our body is like a machine. If we lack the knowledge of mechanism and properties of the machine, the possibility of breakdown will be high. Likewise, we will easily fall sick if we do not know to take care of our body. How are we going to protect ourselves from sickness? And if we do, what is the treatment? The reasons of our sickness are too complicated to explain, but the Buddha told us precisely and thoroughly about them.

Basically, sicknesses are classified into three major parts. First is the physical sickness, mainly due to the irregularity of our livelihood and our diet. When we have a flu or fever, for example, we can treat it by medication. Secondly, it comes from karmic creditors. For those who suffered from this sickness must beg forgiveness from their karmic creditors, repent their wrong deeds truthfully to untie the knots of hatred. Only when such reconciliation has agreeable to their karmic creditors, they will recover from sickness once their karmic creditors agree to let go. The third type of sickness that is due to heavy karma.

What is karma? Karma is the accumulation of our evil actions. It may be accumulated from past lifetimes or even this lifetime, and the effect takes place right away when the condition matures.

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