The Truth About Suicide

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    Sep 05, 2012
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In theory, anyone commits suicide is the one who refuses to accept and face reality. Since you have the courage to take your own life, we should say that you are indeed courageous. However, we do not encourage anyone to be that DARING! As we know, most people would not dare to take their own lives. 

Commit suicide is considered as one of the killings. To take one’s own life cannot resolve the problems at all. People who commit suicide are indeed pathetic. Why is it so? Let’s take hanging as an example. In Buddhism, for those who hang themselves, the souls cannot reincarnate as the way it should be. They will not able to transmigrate without being replaced by the substitutes. Therefore, such scenario of hanging would repeat in every seven days as one cycle. This is where the state the soul feels most miserable.

There is no solution of taking one’s life simply by committing suicide, but problems for the soul arise. Anyone who died of taking poison orally, this soul would repeat taking poison in every seven days as one cycle as well. This is indeed an inexpressible misery for the soul.

Once we know these facts, we would never want to be that foolish to commit such an act. There is always a solution to every tribulation. The book of “Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons," which has been produced into DVD, mentions about the theories of changing one’s destiny. After viewing, we can see the margin between birth and death, immortal and mortal.

No matter how miserable we are, it is not wise to harbor any single suicidal thought. Spare some of your time doing something good for the people, do whatever we could help and benefit the community. Make use of your ‘body’ to serve the community.

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