We Are One Entity

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    Sep 07, 2012
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Nowadays, we find that with the aid of modern technology, people believe the words of scientists and pay no attention to the teachings given by the sages and the saints. In other words, these people are greatly influenced by the scientific technology. For instance, scientists have invented atomic bombs and nuclear weapons, but they never realize that they are using this knowledge and skills to create karma. All these weapons invented were to kill hundreds and thousands of people. The way they invented these deadly weapons reveals their concepts in the Law of Cause and Effect are indistinct. Subsequently, the whole world will doom one day.

There are so many conflicts, many wars around the world. Why do we hate, fight and kill one another? These cannot be solved by physical force or by war. They can only be solved with loving kindness shown to each other. Telling you the truth, no one in this world can control another. The desire of controlling others should be eliminated from our thought, for that will increase our negative karma.

We can either choose to create problems or to solve them. It’s all up to us. We can spend thousands and millions of dollars on bomb or few hundreds to provide for a person every month in the third-world country. We can spend money to kill or to save lives. However, purely through education, will we be capable of solve our problems. Simply, by working with each other towards the same goals, will we be able to attain peace and harmony and eliminate all these approaching disasters. Our complete lack of concern for others will only result as the destruction of our natural environment.

Our aim is to promote a more peaceful and prosperous society for us to live since we belong to ONE ENTITY.

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