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    Sep 03, 2012
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Pure Land Learning College Association Inc has been established since 2001.  The purpose we choose Toowoomba as our study centre because of its excellent site and favourable surroundings, which contributes an important factor to our self-study in Buddhism. Meanwhile, we also like to interact with Toowoomba residents more often by organizing Saturday Night Dinner for them. We welcome everyone to enjoy our free vegetarian food. Following is half-an-hour forum, introducing the Buddha and moral education to our guests. As a lecturer of this organization, I have the responsibility to let them understand how Buddha and moral education affect our life, our health, our behaviour and our actions. I am pleased to find out most of our regular guests have accepted such teachings. 

The policies and procedures have been decided by the Monastic community of this college, following closely to the ideas of our teacher, Master Chin Kung AM. Then, we have some employees help to run the college. We started to set up our Pure Land’s website which also link to website sources in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Information has been updated daily as our teacher, Master Chin Kung AM delivers his 2-hour lectures telecasts live via internet because his place and time of lecturing may vary. This is because our teacher moves around in Taiwan, Hong Kong and sometimes in Australia. Hence, these groups of IT programmers must work closely with one another to ensure all these world-wide audience/viewers would be able to reach us and and listen to the lectures on time. 

Why lecturing is so important to us nowadays? It is important to understand ourselves better and our environment as well so that we can easily control our emotional feelings, refrain ourselves from creating bad deeds, to be calmer and to be able to live harmoniously with one another. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of Buddhist lecturers and that’s why we venerables are trained as lecturers in this organization by giving lectures to student everyday and we also need to train our students as trainee as well. Not only that we lack of lecturers in our Buddhist community but we can hardly find lecturers in other religions too.

In February 2009, Prime Minister of Australia urges our teacher to unite all the religions in Australia as he is famous when he unites all the nine religious leaders in Singapore ten years ago. This shows that we still need to depend on religious teachings as such “additional” education helps to promote stability of our society and gradually, to achieve world peace. The most fundamental for all religions is the message of “love”. Besides that, we must also promote 4 kinds of goodness: to be a good person, to have a good heart, to speak good words and to do good deeds. Such deliverance of messages is vital for attaining stability of our societies and achieving world peace. This is what we need to promote multi-faiths and multiculturalism as it has also become one of our goals. 

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