The Truth Behind Scientific Experiments

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    Sep 07, 2012
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Our external environment will keep changing if our thought varies from time to time, so do our body cells. Regarding this, I would like to illustrate by giving you a good example of a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. He and his fellow researchers have been doing experiments on water for eight to nine years. They have proven that water can see, hear, understand and react to consciousness. Its crystal clear structures can change according to the changes of our mind. When water is treated with the thoughts of kindness, its limpid structures turn beautiful like snowflakes. If this glass of water is treated with ill intentions, its crystalline structures break into pieces and turn ugly.

The best and the most beautiful photos taken by Dr. Emoto are the ones that receive “love” and “thank you” messages. The worst and the ugliest photos taken were the ones that receive “idiot," “fed up” and “kill you” messages. Not only that, water can change according to the changes of our minds, so can the food we eat.

These scientists tested on the cooked rice and received the same results. The rice that receives the message of “thank you” turns yellowish after some time and smells good. The other one that receives the message of “idiot” emits a bad smell.

Dr. Emoto conveyed his experimental result, which is identical to that teaching of the Buddha. Every substance and particle changes according to our minds and our intentions. Every substance and particle can hear, see, understand and react to our consciousness. Therefore, wherever we are, we must always send out the message of “love” and “thank you” to everyone, to every being in this universe.

If our mind is pure, our physical condition will improve. This is the natural capacity as a human. The energy put out by our natural capacity is incomparable. It can change the crystalline structure of all materials and even the cancerous cells. These experiments have proven the teachings of the Buddha are absolutely true.

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