The Way to Bring Up A Child in Olden Days of China

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    Sep 03, 2012
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In the past, a mother began to teach her unborn child since the day she fell pregnant. She must be perfectly calm. Her temper must be under controlled at all time so that this would not affect her unborn child. When the mother gives birth to her child, the parents must be absolutely seemliness in front of the child. Why? The eyes of the child are wide open and start learning from their parents instantly. Never think that the child could not speak and know nothing but the cause of education has already been built on. Hence, the parents must behave well and let the child to have a positive contact with the parents. This way, the cause of education for the child will be steadfast. This kind of day by day impression will affect the entire life of the child.

The Chinese knows the very essence and its major function of running a family. This is truly amazing. When the child is born, he will be taught to strive for his family and not merely for himself. He had to bring glory to his family and ancestors. This is the effort that they would achieve for the sake of his family. The family would support him, in terms of his spiritual and material needs. Family was also served as a backing for him to ensure he played safe. The family would not desert him in times of casualties he faced. Hence, he loves his family because this was the only place that he could totally rely upon in his lifetime. Therefore, everyone at home would be dedicated to love and safeguard this family. To bring this family to an advance step, he needed to find a successor to pass down the family financial situation and knowledge to his future generations. This successor was among the offspring and that he could continue to take care of the family wholly. These were the essence and major functions of how to administer a family. It is highly commendable. As we look at today’s society, there is no way we can find such a marvelous family because family has become smaller. Who would lend us a hand if we have difficulties? Nowadays, no one in this world can be trusted, even our children as well. Therefore, during the ancient times in China, family was truly the only place that he can rely upon. This is the reason why he loves his family. Once the family is taken care of, harmony arises within. The nation would be well governed if everyone upholds the harmonious spirit in every family.

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