Education of Ethics Leads to World Stability

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    Sep 04, 2012
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The education of Ethics certainly does not begin with Confucius, who was 2,500 years away from us. If we trace back 2,000 years before Confucius, the education on Ethics already existed during Yellow Emperor’s reign. Chinese characters had been invented since then.

We believe that the ancient ancestors, before Yellow Emperor, had transmitted the teachings of the Five Human Relationships, Five Virtues, Four Moral Standard and Eight Moral Virtues by word of mouth. I believe that the teachings may be handed down for hundreds of thousands of years without an error. As you can see, these words are not intricate at all. The Five Virtues were namely, the close relationship between father and son; the righteousness between the premier and his officials; the role between husband and wife; the proper formalities between young and old and lastly, trust between friends. Five virtues are Humane, Justice, Courteous, Wisdom and Trust. Four Moral Standards include the sense of propriety, justice, honesty and honor. Eight Moral Virtues are filial piety, fraternal love, loyalty, trust, justice, love, peace and equality. These are the main themes that the saintly people taught during ancient times. Everyone learned, practiced and put them into actions at that time. Subsequently, the nation enjoyed a long period of political stability, and the whole societies were well organized.

During that time, the peoples' actions and thoughts were proper and nothing was found to be disarray. However, in our today’s societies, we can see that the world is in great chaos, and calamities keep emerging. People living on Earth are experiencing hardship and have undergone all kinds of illnesses, which are queer to them. What are the reasons behind these? It’s the result of being freak. We must know that ethics are the facts of reality. The Five Virtues, Four Moral Standard and Eight Moral Virtues are also considered the facts of reality as well. If we violated any of these teachings, then the disasters would be soon evolved. Otherwise, the whole world will remain in peace, and people of today would enjoy good health and happiness.

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