How To Relieve Pains And Sufferings Of All Beings

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    Sep 06, 2012
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In early March 1994, I made a first trip to the US and participated in a 7-Day retreat in Dallas. Three days before my departure, I heard a man’s voice telling me that one of my relatives was in the Hell of Eight Coldness. I do not know where the voice comes from but when I woke up, I remembered he spoke through my left ear.

When I flew to Dallas, I had a chance to meet our former president, Madam Han-Ying. I told her about this incident. She did not say anything but felt sorrowful for this relative. Sitting next to Madam Han-Ying was my teacher, Venerable Master Chin Kung. He told me, “You have to recite Amitabha’s name sincerely!” I did what I was told. Until now, I never heard of that voice again. I believe my sincerity of chanting Amitabha’s name relieved this relative from pain and suffering.

If chanting of Amitabha’s name could relieve the pains and sufferings of the beings in the hell, therefore, it could also relieve our pains and sufferings and those around us. Actually, I do not like to mention about this incident until I learn that someone has been hearing the cries of animals. He is an Aussie staying in Toowoomba, and he is a butcher. I think he has quit his job. However, I advise him to recite Amitabha’s name sincerely and dedicated the merits to these animals to cut down their pains, sufferings and fear when they are being slaughtered.

It comes to the same when everyone’s life is in danger – fear, hatred, cries, pain and suffering. Therefore, why should we kill and eat these animals? The residents of this College only consume non-meat products. There are lots of benefits of being a vegetarian. One of the greatest benefits is that you would enjoy healthiness and longevity. 

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