Is Everything Predestined?

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    Sep 07, 2012
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Each one of us has our own destiny, but we do not know the principles or the ways of practice to change it. Instead, we are bounded by it, “One drink or one bite; everything is predestined.” Families have their own destiny, as do countries and the world. These prophecies tell us the great disasters could either be reduced or delayed if we replace all our incorrect ways with those that were good. However, if we do not turn back, it will be very hard for us to avoid all these disasters.

With the cause that we have already planted, we can alter our catalytic condition before it comes into effect. In order to reduce or eliminate our bad effects, we must terminate or at least not to create any worse deeds. Instead, we should perform all the good deeds as far as possible. This way, we can control our own consequences and transforming our environment into a better one.

If we practice according to the Buddha’s teaching, our destiny can be changed, as well as those of families, countries and the world. Buddhists’ sutras acknowledge the existence of destiny, but not the idea that it is fixed. DESTINY IS NOT FIXED BUT CAN BE CHANGED. How do we change it? It is completely up to our thoughts and conduct. With kind thoughts and conduct, our destiny will be favorable. With unkind thoughts and conduct, our destiny will become even more dismal.

When we know the principle of changing our destiny, we are able to understand why all these disasters occur everywhere in this world. Therefore, to eradicate our karmic obstacles and misfortunes, it is essential for us to practice Buddhism. This is because if a family cultivates together, that family can avoid disasters. If the people within a country cultivate, then that country will prosper. Both natural and human-made disasters will be reduced. 

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