All Animals and Creatures Have Feelings

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    Sep 05, 2012
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We treasure the lives of all beings. We also take care and protect the lives of animals and creatures as well. However, some of these animals and creatures are annoying. In this situation, how are we going to get along with them harmoniously? Here is the true story of how we should deal with them in a more amiable way.

There was a man who worked in the Golf course. He told Venerable Master Chin Kung that there were earthworms and insects around the Golf course. However, his boss, a Buddhist practitioner, reminded him several times not to use any insecticides to kill them. He told me, “I have tried my best but somehow, I cannot stop myself from killing them. I dare not let my boss know about it. What should I do?” Venerable Master Chin Kung taught him to communicate with these creatures frequently by telling them: there were plenty of trees and flowers, and a vast vegetation field which is not far from here. Please move over there and try not to enter the premises of this Golf course again.

Why is it difficult to “chase” these creatures away? It is because we have not treated them with equality, thinking that ‘I am a man, and you are the worms.’ All these creatures cannot accept such an attitude shown towards them. They have feelings. We need to treat them well and love them. Eventually, they will be moved by our sincerity.

Another way to protect the lives of animals is not to kill them. What is the meaning of life liberation? It is when we come across these animals that would soon be slaughtered or when their lives were in danger. However, we should observe their conditions before we can further redeem their lives. If they are able to live, then we should release them as soon as possible. Otherwise, we just merely recite Buddha’s name, chant Amitabha Sutra and the Rebirth Mantra for them. By doing so, we are actually dedicating the merits to them. 

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