Choosing the Right Mandap for Your Asian Wedding

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    Oct 03, 2013
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Choosing the Right Mandap for Your Asian Wedding Photo by Shyam Agencie

Mandap is a canopy where the actual wedding ceremonies are held. There are several communities in Asia that follow different patterns. These are primarily meant for performing the main ceremony and for other pre-wedding rituals as well.

Here are a few simple tips you could use while choosing a mandap for an Asian wedding.
Mandap Size: You need to consider the Mandap size based on the number of people you will be accommodating inside the mandap. Once that is determined, you will have to look into your choice of makers of mandaps.

Decoration: Apart from other hangings, you can also use fresh flowers such as rose, marigold, and Jasmine. Hanging garlands and bunch of roses are the pre-dominant ways to decorate in a Hindu wedding. For a contemporary look, you can also consider using netted drapes, and other fresh flowers such as orchids and lilies.

Colors: Usually wedding mandap is decorated with bright colored flowers. Certain colors are considered auspicious for festivals and weddings. People use golden, red, and silver. Other bright colors such as green and pink are eye-catching. You can also select your colors depending on the theme

Drapery: Usually, silk is the obvious choice, but you need not necessarily choose silk if you don’t have a theme that goes with silk drapery. Other materials that can be used are chikan and jute. You can also use cotton, but it totally depends upon your taste and liking. Lighter shades are used for daylight scene.

Lighting Inside the Mandap: Lighting here plays a major role in decorating mandap. Light placements and type of lights that you are going to use must be carefully chosen. Again, you need to specify all details to the decorator. The color of the décor has an influence on the choice of lights.

Mandap Backdrop – It is important that Mandap backdrop should look luxurious, and you must use the most exotic flowers; bunches of flowers placed at corners make the whole place look all the more appealing, and visually attractive.

Lighting outside Mandap: You need to provide sufficient lighting for guests to move around. The lighting style is significant so that it looks more attractive.

Furniture and Carpeting: Mandap furniture and seating arrangements for guests shouldn’t look out of place. Furniture should match with the décor and decorators should consult with the furniture people in advance.
Use a carpet color that suits with the décor, and make sure that it is not too gaudy. You need to line the carpets and mark the isles with graceful pillars.

With all these things placed perfectly, you will have an appealing mandap ready for just the perfect Asian wedding ceremony!

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