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    Sep 29, 2012
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The person I admire is my neighbor,  a retired Serbian language teacher Sofija Popovic, (69) .

Last week, we had a cup of coffee together and I learned a lot of interesting things while I was listening to her.  However, the most important thing that I learned from her was that a happy family wasn`t God-gifted and that it required a conscious investment of time, love, understanding and above all prioritization. The fact that she was still so enthusiastic about life surprised me. I was also surprised by her healthy and free lifestyle. She found hobbies which relax her (reading, gardening, decorating the house). She was very kind and talkative while she was answering my questions.  She shared her personal story candidly and honestly. I was amazed at her frankness and enthusiasm. I felt extremely privileged talking to her.

During our conversation, I felt that she had a kind of serenity about her life and a good feeling about what she had done. She repeated several times that she was an avid reader and that she got inspiration from books.  She is an open-minded person who has a curious spirit, a lot of energy and a great desire to absorb information. She was loved as a child that`s why she knew how to make her children happy. She adores her family and her home and she tries to make it nicer and nicer. She is wise and loving parent and she still loves her husband and they spend a lot of time together.

While I was listening to her,  the idea which came up multiple times in our conversation was that the balance between the workplace and home place is very rewarding for women. Family is her anchorage, her port of call and this is the main idea of the interview.


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