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    Oct 31, 2012
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Some people say that getting older is rather unpleasant and difficult. But, being mature has both pros and cons. One advantage is that you are wiser and more stable. For instance, you know exactly who your true friends are and you are able to accept their faults and to understand them. Another point is that you don`t have so many financial worries as you used to have when you were younger. You have finally paid your morgage and debts and you don`t have to worry about them any more.

However for every plus there is a minus. One disadvantage is that older people have more health problems. Moreover, they may have more money, but they usually give that money to their children and grandchildren. Finally lots of elderly are afraid of retirement because they feel useless and it seems to them that their life is without purpose.  Although older people are sometimes depressed and lonely, they can always find some hobby and do something they enjoy. In my opinion, older people should be more respected in our society. For example, people rarely ask them to do things they used to ask them to do.

There is a theory that elderly people are less competent. That sometimes hurts their feelings because they still want to be useful members of society. However, when they feel tired, the old can always get their children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and neighbors do staff for them. It is rather easy to appear to be too old, too weak or to senile to do it yourself. The old often use one simple phrase: "I don`t feel well". This sentence can get them out of a lot unpleasant situations.

In conclusion, there is no remedy for growing old. That`s why everyone has to deal with it. A ripe old age can be very peaceful and pleasant period of life.  Old people can travel, have active lives and do the things they had dreamed of when they were young.

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