Constant Changing

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    Sep 23, 2012
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I am exposed in front of the mirror and behind it. Shy, unworthy, shaken up and permeated through millions of sieves. Covered with winds and scattered through empty corridors. Planted, grafted, and damaged more than it is necessary. Covered with concrete so I don`t move, take roots, stool, blossom, grow and ripen. Founded in darkness, drawn into everyday life, primitive minds are stubborn and indecisive and they hold Daba`s reaper scythes.

I forgive memory, haze, a single-minded wanderers and I cry over a painful grin which they have carried through their lives for centuries. I remember many things but I forget even more, what I knew and what I didn`t know and what I should have known. Looking at the future, I am filled with specious hopes and believes that life has chosen us to move ahead. We run through days, months, years and when we look back we see that we have flown through life and we have fulfilled our petty destinies but everything has been done in a hurry, in a rush because we were unprepared for introspection and a clear insight into what we remember.

There are moments when one needs to stop, take a break and refresh memory by remembering. One needs to flashback images, events and mull over them and live through them once again. Not only nice memories when we inspired others, triumphed, felt good and liked ourselves but also those memories when we showed fear, inconsistency, misery and poverty of our characters.

When we see our self-knowledge we will start thinking. And then we will realize that to live means to change,to improve our restless and rebellious spirit in order to perceive various new and old rules and norms. We need to tame ourselves. Living means broadening limits of freedom every day.

A true art is to reconcile in ourselves these two imperatives, and it`s possible to put what we want to say, to whom we want to say it and how to say it in a specified orthography. Writing means thinking, and thinking means living, and living means changing, thereby beginning our unique spiritual accomplishment in research for self-realization under the celestial cap and the God`s eye.

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