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    Sep 04, 2012
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Life is really complicated. Sometimes, we thought that we really understand life so well. That we can just easily say, "WELL, THAT'S LIFE!", every time things went wrong. That we can accept everything that will happen because it's part of life's cycle. But in truth, surprises come in many ways and probably may change our views about life. Many people complained about their lives. Why those things happened to them?

Why are they living life like that? Why life is not perfect? But the truth is, we are all living in a perfect life. Life is full of ups and downs, wins and looses, pains, sacrifices, happiness and sadness. That's how life become perfect. It is just up to us on how we handle those things in our own ways. Things happened, for us to learn and maybe to strengthen us. We cry when we need to lighten our heavy feelings. We laugh when we're happy. We got angry when somebody hurts us. We learn to be patient in some situations. Sometimes, we want to give up when we feel that our burden is so heavy. We feel weak and loose hope. You will think that you are the most unfortunate person in the world. You got out balanced of handling things and refused to understand the situation. You possibly neglect to see the right from wrong.

All that you think is that you're  miserable and helpless. But, you only become helpless because you're not helping yourself and didn't let other people help you. You never try to see the things surrounds you because you think that life is so cruel. Instead, you close your eyes and say "I'M SO TIRED OF MY LIFE. I GIVE UP". But, what you didn't realize is that, you are giving up your chance to reach your happiness. You stop in a situation where you don't want to happen in your life. In a situation that you hate to face. You give up to step forward to leave misery. So, you trapped in sorrow because you refuse to move on. Life must go on no matter what happen. We have to learn to face the PERFECT LIFE. Let our weakness be our strength. If you fall down, get up and step forward again. Don't be afraid in failures. It will help us to be strong and be prepared for whatever challenges awaits us in our next step. Who knows? The next time that you fall down, SUCCESS is right next to you offering ITS helping hand, waiting for you to take it and IT will help you get up. And unexpectedly, you are already holding the "SUCCESS" that you always dream to have. So, never give up. Keep going! (^_^)☆

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