Amor Fati, Love of fate

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Pain is a constant, heartbreaks and disappointments are always there. But I ask myself was life a journey, meant to be filled with such incidents? At times these tragedies happen so much, we even forget the there is such a thing as happiness.

This morning I was watching the news and I saw a two year old girl, drowned in a pool at a kindergarten. Then I get a call from a friend, who informed me that her child just died. It turned out that it was the same child..............(Moment of Silence)......Myself, I'm struggling with a heartbreak right now. My girl friend just decided to up and leave me with no conclusive reason, I just don't know what I did, because she just wont tell me. My whole world right now, feels like it's weathering a terrible acid rain storm and it just won't let up.

Where do I go from here? My friend who just lost their child, where does she go from here? Why would something so painful, happen to her like that? What the fuck happened? Does she even deserve this? Do any of us deserve any of this?

I'm a reader, and books are my life. I love the story of Job. Here's a man who had it all, the money, power and respect. On one fateful day, all that (the money, power and respect), GONE!

What did he do to deserve that? Did he steal Zeus's bolt?, Did he not pray and honor his God? I don't see it, honestly would bad things just happen to good people because of shear malice?

But it finally hit me! That Good people were meant to be better people. And it doesn't matter what you think about your self. I don't care what you have done in the past, the fact of the matter remains, that YOU are a good person. And don't let any one tell or show you different.
When making the Katana (Samurai Sword) the hard steal is folded over twenty times and heated at blistering heat amounting to about 750 Celsius. The Sword maker makes sure that the sword is the right weight, and finish. The sword further undergoes all sorts of sanding techniques, that further redefine and refine the steel. At the end of the day, go on look at that Katana, tell me that's not a beautiful sight!

So my friend, embrace the pain and the hurt of this life, knowing that you will come out on the other side far greater, stronger and a pure thing of beauty. YOU are meant for nothing less than greatness.

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The good in us never dies, the potential may flicker at time but never fizzles out, but simply transformed from one state to another; better.

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