Life Is Beautiful

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    Sep 05, 2012
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There was a time I was on my way home, when I saw a mother and baby walking along the street. I was happy and thought  about how life's good. But when I saw the mother's face, she wasn't at all happy. I then got to think the different emotions life brings. And how we look at things affect everything else.
It was always said that we only travel through our life just once. I guess I have to know.

We experience particular things as we travel through life. In fact, I heard a child said, "I wish I am older so that I can do what I want". Hearing him said that, I then thought, he just doesn't know how he should be thankful he's a child, for him to have time to prepare for his future.

There was again time wherein I visited my child in school, and it sure brought memories when I was a teenager. Being a teenager are the best years I think, in a person's life. Here is where our firsts usually comes in. Our first crush, our first kiss, our first step to being somehow independent, and a lot more. This is the time, we're almost on our own. Here is where our emotions are really being a part of us. A lot of happy moments, and not so happy moments.

I have also encountered problems in my life, and have listened to problems of other people as well. That I ended up concluding, learning goes hand in hand with living. That we have to be strong even with all the trials that come our way. How? Always count on the good things that happen to us.  If we think about it, our problems, failures, sadness, happened to give us the needed strength to go on.

Why not help others if needed, Surely, this is one way  sadness will not be focused on us, plus, we might see others smile, and will give us a light heart, knowing we're one of the instruments why that person/people are smiling.

Life is beautiful.  Look around you. We can either look at things negatively or positively. How do you want to look at them?

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We only have one life and a life that is worth living. The emotions are there to guide us. Our relationships with others brings us joy, anxiety, sadness, anger, and other emotions that affects us and people around us. Whatever each one of us do affects others as well. Things may inspire or bring us down.... hmmm... what to do...

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