Love and Material Wealth in Life

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    Sep 28, 2012
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There are two things which play very important roles in the drama of life. They are money and love. In today`s society money is a necessary part of living. One has to work in order to pay his (her) bills and to buy food and clothes.  It is a very important factor in having a comfortable life and the primary reason most people get up in the morning so they can go out and make money to sustain their families. Everyone has to eat and everyone needs a place to live.

Woody Allen, an American film director, actor and writer said: ”Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons”. And I agree with him. However, I don`t agree with people who think that material wealth is more important than love. When one mentions wealth, people immediately think of money. They think of nice cars and big houses. They think of power and the ability to have control over others.

When I hear the word “wealth”, I think of love, which is the ultimate of ultimates. In my opinion, love is the highest and most accessible form of wealth available to all right now. Money at its best energy circulating is only a tool to help those people we love. Love is an eternal inspiration for artists. So much poetry and beautiful prose have been written over the millennias of human experience to try to capture its purpose and mening. Love has inspired painters since the days when they drew on cave walls. Artist celebrate love in many ways. They dance, sing, compose music, make sculptures and take photos.They think that love is the most important thing in life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don`t think that love is life`s priority. They consider money to be more important than finding true love. Nowadays, our society is run by money and the love of money has led many persons in a wrong direction. A society naturally breaks up into various social groups over time. Members of lover statuses constantly suppose that their problems will be resolved if they gain enough wealth to reach the upper class. Some of them reach that point and they don`t have to concern about money any more. And then, they realize that material things do not necessarily bring you love and happiness.

That is a fact of life. It is hard to understand sometimes, especially in a society that tries very hard to teach you otherwise. Material things bring just a temporary happiness. You buy something  (a new car, a new TV, a new dress) and you love having it for several days. But over time, you get bored or it wears out. There is a huge difference between material happiness, which implies all the basic (or extravagant) comforts necessary to live life, and spiritual happiness, which implies something else.

Wealth is traditionally measured in money. Nevertheless, you can be rich in ways that have nothing to do with money. You can be rich in knowledge, rich in strength, rich in skill, rich in character and  rich in love. All of these diferrent areas are not taxed. You are only taxed on money. There is no love tax, for example. You can love freely throughout life and acquire a huge “bank account” of love.No one can steal it or diminish it any way. Things like loving children and spouse, good friends and a home built on love bring you happiness that lasts and has meaning.

Love is essential to life and it is the eternal bond with another person. A soul mate bond goes to the very depth of your being, to the essence of who you really are, beyond any social codes. Without love there is no light and there is no life. Because of it we have intimacy and avoid rancor and alienation. We have affairs and relationships that end and we begin new ones that could be worse or better; but we strive to find our soul mate and the truer and deeper meaning of love. If we are not lucky enough to find our soul mate, we can love our friends, our family and relatives.

However, the most precious kind of love is unconditional love that you would anything for. Parents usually love their children unconditionally.

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