Avoiding Teenage Pregnancy

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    Sep 05, 2012
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In many years that we have come and see time and time again, teenagers getting pregnant and have to leave teenager years behind. They have to let go of the plans that were there for them set by their parents or their own dreams. Teenage pregnancy is happening now all over the world and in some part of the world; it is actually legal to married young girls that are barely even teenagers themselves.

For many young girls who are oblivious to understanding sex will not know what to do to prevent pregnancy. Some parents are taboo in the topic sex so many young girls learn about sex when they are at schools or from their peers. That is unfair also because when that child that is naïve and does have sex and end up pregnant, they will say it’s the child fault, but is also the parent’s fault because they did not take the time to explain to them about sex.

I think in society today there should be sex education around the world not to make sex become an open thing for children, but for those who have no idea what sex is all about and to understand what sex is and how to prevent things from happening. Because if we as parents don’t teach them who will?

For a young girl going to a high school and seeing what is taking place there, will either get caught up in the group or becomes an outcast. Been an outcast can be difficult for students especially girls, as a girl we takes things seriously and is easily sadden by thing said around us. So many of them will take part in groups trying to get people to like them and because of this we have a lot of girls making many, many mistakes some might be forgettable but others are unforgettable and can never be forgotten.
Peer pressure of one of the main reason why so many of these young girls have fallen to getting pregnant. A young girl might meet a guy in class and he likes her and wants to be with her and try to invite her out. Taking his time to get to know her and like many of those young men out there wants one thing only. If she is inexperience he might take that has his advantage and trying until he gets his way with her. Many of these girls have only have had sex one time and then just like that she is pregnant. Yes we know it’s unfair to us, but it is very real and this is what we fail to understand is that you need to know things before you jump into it. If you do that before knowing what is what that is when things will happen that so many of them regret later in life.

Learning to say no is very hard to do for many girls especially if its saying it to someone we like. Many of them don’t even consider if to say no or yes they just want to please a guy they like so they jump and say yes “wrong”. Worse if the guy know how u feel about him he know you will go all the way with him without saying NO. Young ladies never show a guy how you feel until u know if it is only one thing he wants if that’s all he wants tell him no.

For those girls who are really inexperience but wants to experience that part of life read up about what sex is all about and what you need to do. Because we don’t want to fall into a trap so we must know what exactly is sex and what can go wrong if we do not protect ourselves with either educating ourselves about sex or obtaining protection to make sure you are safe and aware.

Girls in general are the best target for molester especially the quite girls and naive ones too, so be careful who you talk to whether it’s a family member teachers or even family friends and strangers too. Lots of girls think that this guy is a family friend oh he will not hurt me but still we fall targets any way so prevention is better than cure. So parents you need to build a good foundation with your child/children so they can talk you about anything and you will know who they associate themselves with daily.
The best advice to give you above all is abstain from sex, I know as young girls we have urges and our hormones are working overtime as we get older into adulthood. To help to fight the urges is to find things at school that will take up your time like join a sports club or a fan club something that will help take your mind and bodies off of sex. I know some time we feel that if we are not doing what other girls are doing we are not the same we are weird and stupid. Well ladies whoever told you that is wrong because when u have an education no one can take that from you. If you get caught and start doing what everyone else is doing you might end up pregnant and it will not be pretty and those same friends that were there for you before will not be there to guide you through the rough part of life. So abstain from sex or simple protect yourself from pregnancy or any disease that you can get from having sex.

Last but not least, I believe that those who commit crimes against children as in child molesters, should not just get time in prison as in a few years behind bars but a stronger penalty should be set for them.

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