Sometimes The Best Gain Is To Lose

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    Mar 01, 2013
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In basic economics, we are taught in its simplest terms, that any profit is an asset and any loss is a liability. Precisely, this is correct and, definitely, nobody will prove this otherwise. Now, is this principle also true in life? I mean in real life? Oh yes, of course, this issue is still subject to debate because everyone has different ideas on this topic. And, everybody is entitled to his own opinion because that is his right, and all of us should respect that in the same way that our same rights are also respected by all. But, with all due respect, may I just share my views on this matter which I have formulated through the years based on actual observations from real-life accounts.

I believe that in life, not all profits are actually considered assets, and not all losses become liabilities of a person. I say not all because, in all fairness, there are also profits and losses that, indeed, become assets and liabilities, respectively. While these are true, there are also profits that become liabilities to a man, and on the other hand, there are also losses that become assets. One may ask, “How can these be?” But, whether we like it or not, these have become proven facts, and these have led me to believe in a not-so famous phrase, and which has considerably become a useful principle in life also, that goes, “Sometimes, the best gain is to lose.”

Of course, in this kind of discussion, we cannot avoid facing and dealing with a lingering question, “In life, what are really the true assets and what are the true liabilities?” Well, as far as we can go finding answers to this question, we can define true assets in life as those things that will really benefit us, both temporally and spiritually. These two very important factors should always be present for us to consider something really a true asset otherwise it will be considered as a true liability.

Yes indeed, in life, sometimes the best gain is to lose. To lose, here, should not mean that one should lose something intentionally in order to gain another thing. It is the acceptance of the loss of something and using this setback to recover from the loss and eventually gain from the loss. Not all will agree and believe in this already-accepted principle. This is expected and is just normal. Even in spirituality, a lot of Christian faithful are not really and fully sold out to the doctrine that, “Losing one’s earthly life is the only way to gain eternal life.”

There was this happy-go-lucky, immature and irresponsible young man who was convicted of a crime he really committed, lost his freedom, and was sentenced to jail for a long period of time. But, he was able to come back to the normal fold of society, this time as a completely renewed person, strong-willed, matured and responsible. He eventually became a successful businessman, a self-made man, and lived life with his family happily ever after.

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