From One Broken Heart To Another (con't)

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    Oct 11, 2012
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6) The wheels inside my head are constantly turning,

The chains around my heart is intensely burning,

The love in my soul is still yearning,

While the tears from my eyes are repeatedly flowing.

I'm thinking of ways to get back to you.


7) If you'll be my star,

Then I'll be your sky.

We'll light each other's paths

Til the end of time.


8)My wishes became my dreams,

And my dreams are coming true.

Cause all I ever wished for

Is the love I found in you.


9) Our relationship was like a phone call where we spent so much time.

Until you decided to hang up.

You left me hanging there, all I hear is a dead line.

I'm left sitting here sippin' sorrow from a cup.

So I just hit redial, waiting for you to pick up.


10) I tell you that I love you, but you don't seem to hear.

I called you on the phone and wasted all those tears.

I thought you were the one, I saw everything in you.

But you tell me that my past is what makes you do the things you do.

I tell you that I love you, I whisper in your ear.

You say you love me too.

Your actions tell a different story.

They say "I hate you" so,

"I Love You" isn't what I hear.


11) There are words, left unexpressed.

They still reside within this empty cavity,

My Heartless Chest.

From which came 3 words so true.

Unspoken, unbroken, is my love for you.


12)  I love you so much, I say again

You were once my one true friend.

The one I held so close and dear.

The only one my heart let near.

I never stopped, I only hid,

My feelings for you which I never got rid.


13) I know you'll read this. I know you'll see,

all the pain you put in me.

Don't feel bad, don't feel guilt.

You opened my eyes and took the quilt.

I was covered, shaded by childish innocence.

You opened my eyes to life like the apple in Genesis.

Sometimes I don't like, what I know now..

The fact I can relate to a heartbreak's "How?"

And I still feel my breaking heart saying "Ow.."


14) I loved you, you loved me.

There was this perfect lifestyle we wanted there to be.

The future looked so bright,

Til one day you took flight.

I never saw that darkness would become my only future's "light."


15) Don't make me cry, don't make me beg

For the love we once had where I would of gave my arm or leg.

We've gone through so much, I can't even begin to make a list...

There's just so much! It's impossible not to miss.

Exploding with our love is my heart, mind, and soul,

Things we never shared, Things we never showed.

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