From One Broken Heart To Another.

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    Oct 11, 2012
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1) I tried and tried, gave you all I had, but you just put me on blast.

Threw my love away,

Like it was something to pick up another day.

Go ahead and push me away.

In your heart forever is where I'll stay.


2) Gave you ALL I had, how could you throw that away?

Forever by my side, is where you promised you'd always stay.

Give me back my heart!

I never should have loved you from the start.

Funny someone asked if I knew you.

I could give only one resonse,

"Well I use to"


3) Liar

You once said "I love you"

You once said you 'cared.'

What in the world happened to all that we once shared?

I often think there's nothing more to live for,

now that you've gone and left my life.

We used to promised one another:

You'd be my husband,

And I'd be your wife.

I regret sharing so much with you,

Cause now a day won't pass where I don't think of you


4) To Die Alone

It's funny how everyone thinks I'm okay.

When I'm actually screaming all day.

I pretend to smile, like it doesn't really hurt,

And turn to wipe the tears, before they drip into the dirt.

I often tend to wonder if there will ever be,

A person who can look right through me,

And see the pain inflicted person I try not to be.

The pain I dont know how to flee.

I dwell on going back to when things were perfect as can be.

Now there's not much else I can do, since I'm dying alone.


5) I hate you left me here, bleeding on the floor.

Left to choke on my past mistakes.

You slammed my heart right into a metal door.

I thought we had it all,

You and me in this cold bitter world.

Who would of thought you'd be the one to take away

the heat our hearts created to keep each other warm?

Two misfits in this world who thought they'd finally found a pair,

Only to be mislead, and pulled from comfort by the roots of her hair.

Now I'm left in my bitter world,

A world with absolutely no air.

I continue to sit and wait.

For the prince that'll never come.

I continue to sit and think,

back in my arms is where you'll run.

But everytime I check the rearview mirros of the past.

Your never any closer, I must of messed up bad.

So I look at the sideview mirrors, I'm tricked and forget to think it clear:

"Things are always closer then they appear."

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