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    Sep 04, 2012
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Everyone in this world will be happy, if YOU follow below simple things in your life:

1) Don’t be judgmental about our success, failure, compliment & critics and don’t take them personally. Nothing unique is happening, everyone has their shares and challenges in life.

2) Conscious efforts towards living in the present. Stop the habit of regretting past and fear about the future. Becoming open to accepting the reality as it is and not pondering over how it should have been.

3) We always think about what’s not going well with us and trying to be perfect in everything. Instead we need to Identify and attend to our big priorities in life. Further building a deeper sense of gratitude for all the things that are going well for us.

4) Always Share your difficulties and serious problems with trustable people with good friends, parents, life partner so that you will stop worrying

5)    Favorable and unfavorable moments come & go in every one’s life like the regularity of four seasons. Every set back is indeed a new experience for greater learning and growth. As we create positive beliefs around our setback, we feel more empowered.

6)    The biggest mistake done from everyone is that we try to be good to everyone in this world and will show all our angry and frustration on our dear ones. So, first thing is try to be good with your first family circle and experience the happiness you will get.

7)    You should never have EGO conflict with family members. Sometimes there may be instances where your mother, father, sister/ brother, husband or in-laws may speak bad on you still, you go back to them with smile and resolve the conflict.

8)   The last and important key is forgiveness. Just forgive all the mistakes people do with you and show your true love to them, the world becomes heaven!!!!!

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