You Can't Finance Fulfillment

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    Sep 19, 2012
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In today's materialistic society the pursuit of happiness is often synonymous with the pursuit of financial success. But, can money actually be a bad thing? Can affluence be a person's ruination? Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is positively: yes.
Money is often considered the root of all evils, and rightfully so. Great wealth or, more often, what it takes to attain great wealth has been the downfall of many efficacious people. Take Bernie Madoff for example- or any one of the poor victims who fell prey his scheme. The greed of one man ruined the lives of hundreds. But they're not faultless themselves. It was their own greed that led them to invest with Madoff in the first place.
Money corrupts. Money has the power to breed contempt among neighbors, friends, and families. You hear it on the news every day- maybe you've even experienced it yourself- keeping up with the Jones's has sent many families into financial ruin, burying them under enormous mountains of debt. The popular concept of, "If you can finance it, you can afford it" disastrously plays into people's insatiable need for more. Sadly, many people believe that more will lead to happiness, and when that fails they're off to spending money on the next thing guaranteed to bring them contentment whether it be a speed boat, an exotic vacation, jewels, or a three-story home.
Of course, whether we like it or not, money is a necessity. You have to provide for yourself and your family. Going without food, shelter, or clothing is simply unacceptable- at least, in most present day cultures- but do you really need that new convertible, or those super cute designer jeans? Perhaps the more important question is: Will that car, that boat, or those jeans really make you happy? Probably not.
True happiness cannot be found in a bank account. No swipe of a credit card or cash from your pocketbook is going to bring you true, lasting happiness. Contentment has to come from within. Gratefulness for the things you already have that cannot be bought- your health, your family, a splendid sunset- that is where you will find lasting joy. No my friend, fulfillment cannot be financed.

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