A Christian Call

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    Jan 27, 2013
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If I'd be given another time to live life like I'd wished I'd have

I'd ask God to let me live the same life I have had

Just a little more than enough to share with those in need

And care for them who are remnants of His beloved seeds

For in my mind and in my heart, they occupy that special place

A place so full of love where envy has no space

A world where unending happiness and joy abound

Where truth and fairness are the only rules of everyone around

'Cause now the more important part of me is not how much I am worth

But how much good my life can be for others here on earth

For I may not have that much wealth nor have a special name

Yet I try to share a part  of what I have...that's without a shame

The only real substantial worth that I possess today

Is not how much I gather but how much I give away

I may not be the only one to do the call alone

It's what all able Christians must do and try on their own

To help, to share and to give back

A part of what the Lord has shared

That through the atoning sacrifice, we His children

from Adam's fall were spared...


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ atoned for our sins even the transgressed sin by Adam that we may inherit His kingdom someday by virtue of our obedience and diligence to do His will. We are here for a reason...and that is to prove Him that we are worthy of His love and undying sacrifice. We need to stay in conformity of the Father's plan of Happiness and Salvation. We are all children of God...created in His own image and likeness and therefore we are privileged to go back to His presence if we will endure to the end...

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