Finding Godly Solutions To Our Problems

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    Jul 02, 2013
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“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” - Matt. 5:6

Have you ever faced a problem for which you just couldn’t find a solution? You talked with people and, maybe, did research online, but still couldn’t find the answer you were looking for. Or, perhaps you found what you thought was a good solution, but it turned out in the end that the worldly solution you came up with didn’t really solve the problem.

Seeking God’s Solution:

God wants to help us with our problems. He longs to work with you, form you, and free you. However, we often seek to find out solutions in ourselves rather than in God. So, how do you seek answers from God? Seek Him through Biblical meditation.

The Seven Steps to Biblical Meditation:

1. Pray for forgiveness, “Lord, cleanse me by Your blood.”
2. Pray for a humble, open heart, “Lord, grant me a teachable attitude.”
3. Pray for God to guide your heart and mind, “Lord, I will not use my faculties myself.”
4. Ask for enlightenment, “Lord, I pray that the eyes of my heart might be enlightened.”
5. Release your reason and creativity to God, “Lord, I present the abilities to reason and to imagine to You to fill and flow through by Your Spirit.”

6. Ask God for his answer and focus on hearing/seeing His solution, “Lord, show me the solution to the problem I am facing.”

I’d like to expand on this sixth point a bit. When you focus your attention it brings additional energies of concentration of heart and mind. This can help release revelation. Let’s look at an example. Most of us have played with magnifying glasses in our youth. Consider the difference between a ray of sunlight hitting a piece of paper and sunlight going through a magnifying glass to hit a piece of paper. When the light is focused by the magnifying glass, it creates a ray of light so concentrated that it will actually cause the paper to catch fire. On the other hand, if you do not have a magnifying glass, sunlight will never cause the paper to burn. It doesn’t matter if you leave it out all day, without the magnifying glass focusing its energy, the sunlight won’t burn the paper.

Similarly, when you have a hunger to master a new understanding and discipline, that hungry and searching heart will cause you to see things you would not normally see. This is the hungering and thirsting for righteousness we see in Matthew 5


7. Thank the Lord.

Stop trying to find solutions in yourself or in the world. God has the true solutions and He wants to help you.

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