Christ Sings

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    May 11, 2013
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Face of Jesus by Akiane
Face of Jesus by Akiane
Photo by Waiting For The Word

Jesus sang.  How do we know?  Because he was fully human, as well as fully divine, and humans have a deep seated instinct to make music and sing.

He undoubtedly sang with the disciples.  At Easter, we can think of him singing Passover hymns at the last supper.  And if you want to know what that might have sounded like, go to a temple and listen to the Hebraic songs of the cantor.  Or visit the Middle East, and hear the magical call to prayer of the Mullahs – “It is better to pray than to sleep!”

Jesus and his followers would, I think, have sung as they walked through the Holy Land.  After all, many of his followers were fishermen, and fishermen love to sing.  They have a hundred work songs to make their labours lighter, and surely they would have struck up a tune as they made their way along the dusty roads.  Can’t you just see a bunch of men and women of all ages, Jesus in the middle of the crowd, all laughing and singing on their journey to the next town, and waiting for the next wonderful teaching from their leader?

They would have sung holy songs, yes, but also, I feel sure I can hear Jesus singing the folk songs of the time.  Songs about sowing and reaping, about catching fish, about the weather, about good and bad, wise and foolish people – the themes he chose for his stories.  He would have sung at weddings and feasts; someone is sure to have called out, “Give us a song, Jesus of Nazareth!”  He was nothing if not a man who loved to be with people, loved to be happy, loved to feast and enjoy the good things in life.

And dancing, yes, I can see Jesus dancing with his friends, throwing back his head and laughing, in pure celebration of life. 

On Good Friday, and the day that followed, there would have been no singing for the followers of Jesus.  Only fear, dismay, and choked whispers.  Yet on the third day, everything changed, and ever since, Christians have sung songs of joy and praise – just like Jesus did when he walked on the earth.

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