A Prayer For A Friend

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    Sep 12, 2012
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I wanted to bear all his pains, for seeing him like that would cripple me instead. I’d rather see myself being so hurt than to see that look in his eyes and tear my heart apart. I wanted to suck all his hurtful past and make it mine so that for once in very long years his heart could rest for awhile. I wanted to have the best open-mindedness so I could find in my heart the best understanding on how painful and how deep the cut caused him. I hope he could find peace of mind and strength to carry all these.

Lord, my heart cries when I saw him. If only I could have the power, I would choose to feel all the pains for him. He had enough and I can see and be sure of that. I know there is hatred that slowly eats him whole and I am praying that You could show him love and forgiveness. My soul weeps to realize how thick the wall that surrounds him and I know that he built it to be strong, so strong enough so no one could hurt him more or even feel pain anymore. The sad part is that, he is now used to love less. He’s numb from the constant disappointments, pains and sufferings life caused him.

Lord, help him as you’ve helped me. I’ve been there before and I truly understand how hard it is for him now. You’ve let me shown love when I was drowning in hatred and I’m praying for him for You to do the same thing. Lord, I couldn’t bear to see him so sullen. Let him find deep in his heart the forgiveness that will surely set him free. Lord, I couldn’t reach him with that wall and I know that in your perfect time it will be removed brick by brick.

Lord, I prayed for someone in your perfect time. I prayed for someone not specific, but for someone who understands me because he wears the same shoes I’ve been wearing for years. You’ve seen my pains and heartbreaking moments. I cried for your sympathy. For two long years I waited and you’ve brought me him not wrapped in colorful paper but with your guidance and permission that this one is really for me. Lord, You allowed me to trust on love again when I was decided to call it off. You alone know what my desires are. You’ve given my prayer an answer and I want you to know that I love this man so much and I wanted to help him as he helped me to realize my own flaws and be a better me. No one ever made me to fall head over heals in love as much as this.

Lord, I am praying for his safety in all the things he does. Give him the peace of mind he is craving for and clear away those selfish thoughts that cloud his mind, that he may be able to think things through and make right decisions. Lord, guide him in every way and let him hear Your voice. This person is so important to me and I’m offering him to You because I know You could take good care of him more than I could. Lord, let him find love and forgiveness. Don’t let anger and hatred poison his heart that he may see Your works in his life. Lord I love this man more than I could believe I could and I owe him to You. Please take good care of him.


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