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    May 15, 2014
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One of the primary goals of yoga is to bind the body, mind, and spirit through controlled breathing and positioning. When these elements are in sync, everything is in balance and peaceful. This is one of the reasons why yoga has grown as one of the world's most popular fitness regimens. At Cozy Orange, we have been a leader in women's yoga apparel and strive to keep you informed on not only the fashion of yoga clothing but also the psychological, physical, and biochemical benefits to the practice.

Yoga and the Physiological Benefits

Yoga practice results in lower respiratory and pulse rates. Blood pressure decreases and cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency improve. Musculoskeletal flexibility increases along with joint range of motion. Dexterity, eye-hand coordination and endurance levels also increase. Sleeping patterns improve, resulting in higher energy levels. Coordination and resistance to infection also increase.

Psychological Benefits Associated with Yoga

Practicing yoga increases your sense of well-being, as you become more self-aware and accepting. Concentration skills improve allowing for better coping mechanisms for everyday stress. Soocial skills are heightened, memory and learning efficiency improve. Depth perception and attention to detail also improve.

Biochemical Benefits Associated with Yoga

Research has shown that yoga can decrease glucose, sodium, and cholesterol levels. Hematocrit and hemoglobin increase as do lymphocyte levels, which fight off infection. Additionally, vitamin C and serum protein increases. Yoga is one of the few sports that holistically increase overall health. Through the elevation and positioning of your own body weight, it is possible to have and maintain a toned, leaner build. Before beginning any regimen, you should consult your primary health care physician, who can help select a fitness program for your specific health needs. Cozy Orange also has a website that can help get you started through our yoga
For millions of people worldwide, one of the hardest aspects of selecting a fitness routine is trying to find out which can potentially be the most beneficial for you goals. Depending on your agenda and what you hope to accomplish, there are many sporting activities that can be a true fit. One of the most recently popular sports regimens available is yoga. Now regarded as arguably the most popular fitness routine in the world, it has gained traction among people both young and old.  It incorporates elements of fitness and concentration that seek to combine the mind, the body, and the soul. At Cozy Orange, we produce a line of yoga apparel that is functional and fashionable, and maintain an active website that seeks to motivate and inspire yoga enthusiasts all over the world.

The Many Benefits Associated with Yoga

Yoga reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, creates higher levels of concentration, and much more. These are just a few of the benefits associated with yoga and a true barometer of its immense power to provide a total, all-around workout for the mind and body. What many people find is that through yoga, they are able to improve their lives across many levels: sleeping, concentration, coordination, and overall muscle strength. Of course, Cozy Orange knows that it is not only our attractive yoga apparel and accessories that have garnered us legions of supporters around the world. It is also our dedication to improving the lives of women from all walks of life from each corner of the globe. Our unparalleled efforts have earned the respect and trust of the yoga community at large and to those that know the value of yoga apparel.For those that would like to discover what we have to offer, simply visit our website today and begin to immediately reap the rewards of our yoga apparel and informative articles.

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