I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant

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    Feb 06, 2013
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I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant Photo by D. Wayne Moore

About two years ago, I worked at a convenience store with a young woman who, miraculously, went nine months without knowing she was pregnant. Her story was so remarkable that I thought it merited retelling here.

I thought she looked a little on the heavy side, but it was winter and she was always wearing a coat, so I didn’t make anything of it. We worked together for a couple of uneventful months before she unexpectedly went into labor.

After having been off for the weekend, I return to work on Monday and was greeted with the astonishing news: my co-worker had had a baby. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, for I had no idea she was pregnant—and neither did she.

After some time off for maternity leave, she returned to work. I was anxious to hear her story, and she was glad to recount it to me. She said she had awoken that Sunday morning feeling a little discomfort. At first, she thought it was just indigestion, so she took some antacids, got dressed, and went to church.

Her church was sponsoring a talent show for children, and, after regular church services ended, she volunteered to help out, even though her indigestion had returned. Moreover, she agreed to stay on to help clean up after rehearsal was over.

When she finally made it home late that Sunday evening, her indigestion had worsened. So, she took more antacids before going to bed. Later that night, however, the pain returned and became unbearable, so she woke her husband and told him she needed to go to the hospital. Her water broke en route and the baby threatened to make a, somewhat, premature appearance.

She cried out in pain and told her shocked husband that she thought she might be having a baby, for she could feel the child’s head protruding through the birth canal.

She said her stunned husband replied, “What’d you mean you’re having a baby? I didn’t even know you were pregnant!”

She told him that she didn’t either, but she was indeed having a baby, and if he didn’t hurry she was going to have it in the car.

Fortunately, the couple made it to the hospital in time and is now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy. And, at last report, the family is doing just fine.

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