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    Oct 07, 2012
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I was diagnosed with diabetes in July of 2012.  My Dad passed away on June 25, 2012 and when I travelled back home after his funeral I decided it was time for my annual check up.  I made my appointment, had the usually work done, then sent out for blood and urine tests.  One week later I received a call from my doctor asking me to come to her office the next day, and that's when it happened. 

Everyone on my dad's side of the family is diabetic - Type 1, needles everyday. However I was Type 2.  I never thought I would become diabetic, I ate properly, walked daily and swam all the time; yes, I am overweight but I thought I was doing everything right.

I was also informed that I have arthritis in my back, arms and feet, high blood presure and high cholestrol. I was then sent for an ultrasound and sleep studies. I am now waiting on the results of the sleep study but my ultrasound discovered a growth on my liver.  So guess what, now I need to go for a CT Scan.

I am now on five different medications, have new glasses because my sight has deteriorated and I have orthotics.  I feel like my life is falling apart and there is nothing I can do about it.  I don't know what three hours of sleep feels like anymore, I can't walk for long periods with my dog any longer and I feel so bad and guilty. I don't understand how doing the right things didn't help in the prevention of these medical issues.

I am so happy both of my daughters are grown and on their own because if they were toddlers I'm not sure if I could keep up, especially with the pain in my right arm, carrying them would have been horribly painful.

Is their anybody else out there who feels the same way as me?

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