Mobile Health For Women

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Ever wondered how the use of mobile phone has become so common? Only a few years back a mobile phone was considered to be a symbol status but now they have become a necessity. We use a mobile phone for a number of purposes, why not health. My focus here is particularly for women and those too who are pregnant.

I remember when I was expecting there were so many things to keep in mind. Your pills, your tests, doctor appointments, vaccinations etc and there were always a few things that missed out. I used to wonder it would be so great if my cell reminds me of all these things.

In a country like mine, there are so many women who are deprived of pre-natal care mostly because they cant make it to any hospital. More than half of the population in the country holds a mobile phone and providing a service that reminds these women to take pills, get tests done in nearby laboratories, following up the results, getting health tips and advises all through the pregnancy and keeping in touch with their consultants who in turn can themselves get reminders about appointments and schedules and any kind of alerts about patient results or emergencies.

I think to achieve such a level is not that difficult and requires a strong and long lasting collaboration between healthcare organizations, information technology and telecommunication services in the country. There are so many telecommunication services that provide such good packages that using a service has become very reasonable and you dont need to have an expertise to understand hoew to use such a service. Within just clicks of a cell you can get all the information you want which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

I think our health policy makers should consider the use of such a system as it can greatly reduce our overall healthcare costs which are very high.

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