Infertility in Females

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    Mar 08, 2014
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Fertility is actually a blessing of nature that has power enough to make a marital life complete. Reproduction is the law of nature; any creature that fails to reproduce an offspring is regarded as a deviant in nature. Fertility in females is a most fatal disorder that has a strong impact throughout life. There are several physical, environmental, behavioral, psychological and hormonal causes responsible for infertility in women. Here some most crucial causes of infertility in females are being discussed.

Environmental causes:

There are certain factors that are responsible for causing infertility in females. These factors have a dominant effect on physiological and physical fitness of females and make them reproductively susceptible. Persistent smoking and extensive use of alcohol cause infertility in females. Certain drugs such as steroids have a very lethal impact on health of female. These factors make them more prone to get infertility in any stage of their lives.

Hormonal disturbance:

The reproductive system in females is delicately maintained by regulating a balance in hormonal production. Any disruption in hormonal production by pituitary gland and hypothalamus may lead towards infertility in females. A complete failure to produce mature egg is resulted because of hormonal imbalance.

Premature menopause:

Premature menopause is another reason for causing infertility in females. The reasons for this condition are quite vague. The females, who get their menstrual cycle in early life, tend to have premature menopause. However, diet, low body weight and weakness are considered as other reasons for acquiring this problem.

Fallopian tube malfunctioning:

About 25% infertility cases in females are reported because of malfunctioning of fallopian tubes. This condition can be mild as well as fatal enough to cause complete infertility in females by completely blocking fallopian tubes. The possible treatment to this disorder is common surgery, micro surgery and laser treatment. The most important causes of fallopian disorder are infection, abdominal diseases, ectopic pregnancy, congenital defects and any previous surgery.


Endometriosis is another reason for causing infertility in about 10% of females throughout world. This condition refers the improper growth in the lining of uterus. It can also be found in abdomen, fallopian tubes and ovaries. This problem is characterized by prolong duration of menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding and frequent urination etc. However, signs of this disease are not related with that of its extent. Sometimes, symptoms remain less pronounced in severe circumstances.

Cervical causes

The problems while passing sperms through cervical canal towards cervix is another reason for infertility in female. This condition does not allow sperms to reach at destination point and females remain unable to conceive. The causes of this situation are abnormal mucus production or any surgical complication. Intrauterine insemination is recommended as a treatment for this problem. The malfunctioning of pituitary and hypothalamus mainly causes infertility related complication in females.

The above described factors are mainly responsible for causing infertility in females. The possible treatment of these issues can be adopted to get fertility and make life happier.

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