How to Optimize Your Hot Yoga Workouts

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    Apr 04, 2014
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How to Optimize Your Hot Yoga Workouts Photo by Virat Thakur

Staying hydrated is a must for a hot yoga session. Two to three liters a day is recommended, with water intake increased the day of a session. Sports drinks also can help to replace the sodium and electrolytes lost during a yoga session. It is also strongly suggested that light meals are eaten before a session, with fruits and nuts recommended. Yoga teaches people to be in tune with their body and mind. As such, when you are practicing, it is important to be aware of your limitations and note them over time as they progress. There is no need to overexert you as yoga is not a race. Before you take up any form of exercise, consult your primary health care physician to check your vital functions. At Cozy Orange, you will not only be pleased with our yoga clothing, but the complementary website that takes yoga enthusiasts through the latest trending in the world of yoga.

How Good Is Yoga for You?

For those of you that have been lifting weights, running miles, or dieting incessantly over the years, now is probably the time to consider another approach to staying fit. Now that yoga has re-emerged as a great way to maintain and improve overall health, more people are lining up and joining in to reap its rewards. What makes yoga so popular these days as opposed to previous ones? The research surrounding the sport has dramatically increased its profile on a global scale and now you would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't extol its praises. At Cozy Orange, we are fully aware of this rise in interest and that is why we have expanded our yoga apparel line to include a range of clothing that is great for whatever type of yoga you are interested in from bikram yoga to ashtanga.

Make that Change!

It is natural to be resistant to change. When it comes to yoga as a form of exercise, the situation is no different and people that are new to the fitness regimen may need to do a bit of streamlining in their routines to accommodate the changes that are likely to occur. As a fitness regimen that has been practiced for thousands of years, there is lots of information available on it. However, it is only recently that new studies have shown how dramatically yoga can change the mind, body, and spirit. Looking to capitalize on this growing trend, Cozy Orange has dedicated itself to keeping its customers up to date on the very latest in yoga news. So we not only provide quality yoga clothing, but also keep you in the loop concerning the latest trends both on the mat and in the research facilities that continue to update us and the world on the benefits of yoga. At Cozy Orange, we provide assistance that is full circle and all encompassing when it comes to yoga.

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